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How to Stop Snoring Immediately

According to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau 50 to 70 million people in the US suffer from one or more sleep disorders. Of these people, 48% reported snoring one or more nights throughout the week. Snoring also makes a large number of people excessively tired throughout the day: 37.9% of people reported falling asleep at work or at home during the day and 4.7% of people also reported feeling tired while driving. Typically, it should take a person 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep during the evening. If you find that you fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow in the evening, it could mean that you are sleep deprived because of snoring. In this article, VitalSleep® provides tips for how to stop snoring immediately.

How Does Snoring Impact Men and Women?

Snoring impacts both men and women differently. Approximately 40% of adult men (2 out of 5) have a snoring problem while 24% of adult women (1 out of 5) snore. Men tend to be more prone to snoring because of one key anatomical difference--they have a narrower airway than women.

One of the reasons that women might snore less is that they tend to be more proactive about their overall health. According to the CDC, women often go to their doctor when they are having sleep-related issues for help. 5% of women with sleep issues use a sleep medication compared with 3.1% of men. Women also use sleep trackers 50% more frequently than men do.

Women do tend to experience the effects of sleep deprivation and snoring more severely than men:

  • Women require about 20 more minutes of sleep than men.
  • Women who suffer from sleep deprivation are more likely to develop diabetes, depression, and heart disease.


How To Stop Snoring Naturally

With all the different choices to eliminate snoring, there are some ways to naturally stop snoring. In this article by the Mayo Clinic there are several ways to naturally improve snoring. Some of these techniques to naturally eliminate snoring include:

  • Elevating your head while snoring: Elevating your head at least 4 inches off your bed will coax your tongue and jaw into a more forward position, effectively reducing snoring. Specially designed anti-snoring pillows also encourage healthy and well positioned neck muscles allowing for better airflow.
  • Changing your sleeping position: Sleeping on your side instead of your back, can allow the natural flow of gravity to move your tongue and jaw into better sleep position.
  • Get treatment for nasal congestion: Congested or blocked nasal passageways can cause a significant amount of snoring. Using a sinus rinse or applying nasal strips before bed can help to open nasal airways and reduce snoring. For many people, allergies cause significant congestion. Taking allergy medication can alleviate nasal congestion concerns.
  • Improve air quality in your home : Dry air can cause the airways in your nose and throat to become irritated and swollen. Adding a humidifier to your nighttime routine can soothe airways and relieve inflamed tissues.

Studies show that by pronouncing certain vowel sounds and curling the tongue in specific ways, muscles in the upper respiratory tract are strengthened and therefore reduce snoring.

Can VitalSleep® Help You Stop Snoring Immediately?

Have you ever been to the doctor or dentist for a snoring solution? According to the American Sleep Association, health professionals will charge more than $1,800 to fit you with an anti-snoring mouthpiece. This cost will include:

  • The price of the actual mouthpiece
  • Dentist visits and adjustments
  • Follow up visits and adjustments to the device

Americans also spend a considerable amount of money on products to help them stop snoring. Smart mattresses, as a market, grew by 8.51% in 2017 and Americans spent over $92 million on smart mattresses alone.

The VitalSleep® anti-snoring mouthpiece uses the same technology utilized by doctors and dentists. However, the VitalSleep® mouthpiece is available at only a fraction of the cost. For just $69.95, you get an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is:

  • Available in two convenient sizes for both men and women.
  • You can fit it once with the boil and bite method and adjust it up to 8mm for maximum comfort.
  • Manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the United States with FDA-approved medical grade materials.

VitalSleep® is guaranteed to help you stop snoring immediately. Our product is backed by a 60-night money back guarantee. We also provided a 1-year unlimited warranty.  Our anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the few stop snoring products that work immediately.

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Choosing VitalSleep® will help relieve your snoring naturally and immediately. In addition to feeling better rested and the benefits to your relationships you will:

  • Feel more alert throughout the day
  • Be more productive at work and school
  • Experience a better quality of life

Shop VitalSleep® today and find the anti-snoring mouthguard that is right for you. Our mouthpiece is only $69.95 and is one of the most affordable and effective stop-snoring mouthguard remedies in the industry. Comparing the VitalSleep® to other stop snoring mouthguard remedies, you will find that our anti-snoring mouthpiece offers many features & benefits that other products lack. Add to that our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty, and you have a product that can’t be matched. Call 866-753-3780 today!