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How To Reduce Jet Lag

For those who are constantly traveling they understand the problems associated with jet lag as you fly in and out of different time zones. Some long flights can play havoc with your internal body clock that wants to stay on its regular times for eating and sleeping.

It is not easy to reset your body clock when you arrive in a new place and it is the middle of the day and your body thinks it is the middle of the night and wants to sleep. The best thing is to try to trick yourself into getting into the new time schedule right away so that you don't forsake two or three days to sleeping on a well deserved vacation!

Here are a few tips that might help you to control the jet lag so that it doesn't control you:


  • Depending on the direction you are flying - east or west - you should determine the best time to travel. For instance when flying east, you will lose time with your day becoming longer so try flying overnight so you can rest.
  • When you get on your plane, reset your watch to the new time so that you start mentally thinking in the new time making it easier to adapt when you get there.
  • Since your watch is set to the new time you should sleep if you would be sleeping in the new location, thereby getting your body acclimated. Likewise if you would be up you should keep awake by doing crossword puzzles or listening to music. Use ear plugs if they will help to mask the noise.
  • Keep yourself moving and stretching your legs as much as possible to avoid swollen ankles and increase your circulation while in flight.
  • Once you have arrived at your destination, take a walk especially if it is daylight hours so that you can keep yourself awake and on local time.
  • Eat meals and sleep at the designated times of the new time zone so that you are more easily acclimated taking catnaps if necessary.

These simple steps should help to ease the jet lag consequences and make your trip a much happier one.