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How Your Snoring Can Kill Your Relationship

And What to Do About It

Although it is men who are usually shown in films and cartoons as noisy snorers, nearly 25% of adult women snore.

Often referred to as the “Relationship Killer,” snoring is the number one medical cause of divorce in the U.S.

How does snoring drive a wedge between you and husband or boyfriend?

It all begins with a chronic lack of sleep.

Snoring and Interrupted Sleep  

When you sleep, your throat muscles relax and narrow the airway between your nose and mouth. When air travels over the narrower airway, it vibrates the soft tissues and the harsh sounds of snoring occur

A good night’s sleep consists of different stages, each necessary to rest and refresh the body’s functions. Snoring interferes with this natural cycle for both you and your husband or boyfriend. When sleep is continually interrupted, it causes “sleep-deprivation” which simply means a lack of restful sleep.

What Sleep Deprivation Does to Relationships

Lack of sleep can ruin your relationships in the following ways:

  • Diminished Sex Drive:  Medical specialists report that sleep-deprived women have a decreased interest in sex. And when a man gets too little sleep, his testosterone level diminishes which lowers his sex drive as well. 
  • Arguments: Sleeplessness causes irritability and poor judgement. Even the most trivial of remarks can be misunderstood by your exhausted partner, causing sparks to fly. And with your own lack of sleep, you may have a short fuse as well.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Sleeplessness was once considered the result of stress. Recent medical research shows the reverse to be true. Stress is the result of chronic lack of sleep, and stressed out couples usually have rocky relationships.
  • Depression: Doctors have discovered insufficient sleep can lead to depression, and that once an individual’s sleep difficulties are solved, the depression lifts. It’s hard for couples to feel love and affection when they are down in the dumps.
  • Poor Health:  Chronic lack of sleep has been linked to a serious medical conditions including a weakened immune system and higher risk of heart disease, strokes, weight gain and diabetes.

The effects of sleep deprivation alone are enough to kill your relationship, but snoring also causes the emotional issues below.

Reduced Intimacy

Sharing a bed for sleep increases the feeling of closeness between couples. Many women like physical contact with their partner as they sleep. However, research shows that one in four couples sleep in separate rooms due to snoring. Studies also reveal that couples who sleep apart communicate less. As a result, the feelings of intimacy between partners fade and disappear.

Guilt and Resentment

Even though you don’t snore on purpose, your husband or boyfriend—whose sleep is continually interrupted by your snoring—will likely build resentment and hostility toward you.  In turn, you may feel guilty about the troubles your snoring is causing. And so a vicious cycle follows.

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