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Homegrown and Natural Cures & Remedies For Snoring

Snoring is a nuisance to those who live with someone who snores as it can keep the partner awake as well as the rest of the household depending on how bad it is. It is therefore important to try to remedy the snoring so that everyone can get a peaceful night’s rest.

Sometimes that is easier said than done though without investing in a lot of money for devices and remedies that might not work. So why not take a look at creating your own cure right at home? Often our habits or other reasons cause the snoring so you might be able to cure it yourself without a lot of money spent or effort on your part.

Here are a few homegrown and natural cures for snoring:

  • Avoid meals late at night or before you go to bed that can contribute to snoring and some foods are especially prone to cause snoring:

    1. Dairy products

    2. Soymilk

    3. Alcohol

    4. Coffee or caffeine of any kind

    • Lose weight – People who are overweight or obese are more apt to snore so losing weight – even a little weight – might help. It will help to reduce the fatty tissue in the back of the throat by exercise of any kind because when you tone your abs or your legs, you are also toning the throat muscle so that it is less likely to obstruct your breathing.

    • Stop smoking – The membranes in the nasal passages become irritated or blocked by smoking which leads to snoring. If you stop smoking your passages will clear up and not be obstructed any more.

    • Clearing your nasal passages – If you have allergies or a cold or the flu you have difficulty breathing which in turn leads to snoring so using nasal strips or decongestants will help to relieve the airways.

    • Use of sleeping aids like sleeping pills or other relaxants can cause your throat to become blocked by the tongue and cause snoring.

    • Throat exercises – Studies have shown that by pronouncing certain vowels and sounds can strengthen the respiratory tract so that there is a reduction in snoring. These exercises should be done one half hour each day.

    • Use of a humidifier – If used at night in a bedroom it will keep the air moist so that the air doesn’t become dry and induce snoring.

      These homegrown cures for snoring might work for some but it is worth giving them a try!

  • Homegrown and Natural Cures & Remedies For Snoring