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Get A Good Night's Sleep

Get a Better Night's Sleep Without the Snoring
You've finally drifted off into a pleasant sleep. You drank the chamomile, you took a warm bath and you even sprayed your pillow with lavender, but from somewhere in your dreams comes a snorting, rattling, grunting sound and you can't avoid it - the snoring has started again! If you or your partner snore it should not be ignored. However, help is at hand with a product which opens the airways, improves breathing and promotes healthier sleep.

Rattle and roll
According to the National Sleep Foundation snoring affects 90 million American adultswho are mostly male and often overweight. Snoring, which is caused by the relaxation of the throat muscles, gives rise to a series of grunts, groans and whistles, which to anyone not needing to sleep through it, might appear comical or even musical.

Snoring can affect anyone, but does tend to present or increase with age. If it is a problem for you, take comfort in the fact that famous people such as Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte and even Queen Victoria were fellow sufferers. It has been connected to weight gain and smoking, so taking up more exercise and quitting would be a step in the right direction.

Sleep to dream no more
Snoring can contribute to low-quality sleep. You may not be conscious that your sleep is inadequate, but when you wake in the morning tired or you find yourself unable to remember things, it could be that the snoring is getting to you. Take your sleep seriously. If you or your partner snores, invest in earplugs and you will find that an improved sleep can help enhance your memory and your health.

A lack of deep sleep can bring with it, health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Some research shows that 8 hours really is optimum if you want to be able to function at your best the next day. Snoring can be annoying and frustrating and sometimes life threatening. However, both the snorer and snoree can take action to help alleviate the problem.

Sleep is essential to health, helping the body to repair itself and regulating hormones. Lack of sleep can cause other long term health problems, however, the good news is, that a few nights of uninterrupted sleep may be all that’s needed to reduce many negative health effects.

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Get A Good Night's Sleep