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What is Exploding Head Syndrome & Symptoms

One very rare sleep disorder is known as Exploding Head Syndrome that has a very descriptive title for an occurrence that clearly occurs “in your head” and does not cause it to explode – it just seems like it is at the time. People who experience this strange occurrence say that it sounds like an explosion or loud screaming while others describe it as a ringing noise in their head. Many think of it as a Kaboom noise that goes off in their head.

This strange phenomenon does not happen to very many people as it is that unusual and rare, but it is a sleep disorder that occurs usually just before you go into a deep sleep or while you are coming out of one. It can occur regularly during a period of time or occasionally and then just as mysteriously go away. People over the age of 50 most often have this sleep disorder that is thought to be brought on by stress or extreme fatigue although it has been known to occur in teenagers and even as young as ten years of age.

Exploding Head Syndrome is rare so it is not clear exactly how it occurs but it is thought that there might be minor seizures in the temporal lobe or the Eustachian tube might move suddenly or a middle ear shifts. These are all considered possible causes for these intense noises that occur. Some even see flashes of light during an occurrence like an explosion going off.

It is not dangerous but it can be extremely annoying and frightening to some because it is so intense. There are a number of symptoms associated with Exploding Head Syndrome. It generally can cause you to feel anxiety and have an elevated heart rate or difficulty in breathing when you wake from something like this. Although, in some cases, people have these attacks while they are awake and not asleep so it can be very stressful to the person.

Because it is so stressful, many consult relief from a doctor who sometimes recommends an antidepressant but that is not necessarily the answer. Some might suggest that you utilize more fundamental methods of combatting it like relaxation exercises including reading, walking, yoga, listening to music or a hot bath to relieve any tension or stress that you might be experiencing and that might be contributing to this Exploding Head Syndrome. These should provide less stress in your life and perhaps a better night’s sleep without any explosions or Kabooms going off in the night.

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What is Exploding Head Syndrome & Symptoms