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Doctor and Dentist Program

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Vitalsleep provides the perfect solution to help your patients get a good night sleep starting tonight, while you add extra value to the services you provide. If you are interested in becoming a resale partner or providing information about Vitalsleep to your patients, complete the request form to get started.

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For Medical Professionals

Millions of people snore. VitalSleep is an easy to use snoring solution that has been helping people achieve quality sleep.

The health risks of a poor night's sleep are staggering!

  • According to the Cleveland Clinic treating snoring is the correct first step:
    "Snoring is one of the most common aspects of Sleep-Disordered Breathing… Because snoring and sleep apnea are contained within a spectrum of disease states, the treatment of the disorders can overlap…Noninvasive treatments should be recommended initially, including nasal dilators, tongue-retaining devices, and mandibular advancement appliances that can be fixed or adjusted."

VitalSleep is an adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece that is extremely effective:

  • Mandibular advancement is a proven method to stop snoring.
  • VitalSleep custom fit and availability in 2 sizes allows for more comfortable use and results.
  • Easy to fit and adjust.

Vitalsleep's extensive reach has resulted in over 200,000 snorer's benefit from an effective FDA cleared snoring device. Contact us today so you can help your patients sleep better too.

Doctor and Dentist Program