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How VitalSleep Works to Stop Snoring


Snoring is the disruptive, turbulent sound that is produced during sleep when you try to breath through an obstructed upper airway. This obstruction is created by the relaxation of the soft tissues of the throat which makes it difficult for you to inhale and exhale quietly.

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VitalSleep is a customizable and adjustable mouthpiece that gently holds your lower jaw forward keeping your airway open. It will help move the base of your tongue out of the way of your airway. By preventing your airway from being blocked, you'll experience increased airflow and quiet breathing while you sleep.

The lack of quality, restful sleep may result in feeling groggy and tired. If this is your "normal", you will be amazed of the improvement VitalSleep will make in your life.

Why VitalSleep Works

While the principle of jaw advancement behind VitalSleep may be simple, our attention to detail in technology and construction is superior. This is why we have no need to employ sales gimmicks or bait-and-switch tactics. VitalSleep offers a single affordable price, no recurring charges in the fine print, a year of 100% free replacements, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Easy to Use & Comfortable

  • Fully adjustable movement, up to 7mm, by easily turning two screws, based on your snoring needs. Increasing the forward position of the lower half of the device will increase the opening of your airway and improve your breathing.
  • VitalSleep is available in two sizes, regular and small, so you are guaranteed the right fit.
  • VitalSleep's moldable boil-and-bite customization ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Features a flexible frame for comfort.
  • Sleep as you normally do, in any position, breathing through your mouth or your nose.
  • Allows for side to side jaw movement for reduced stress on your jaw, greater comfort and effectiveness. It even provides protection against teeth grinding.

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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New Design for Improved Results

The patented FDA cleared VitalSleep is constructed with a adjustable sliding mechanism allowing you to micro-adjust the mouthpiece to achieve your best results.

VitalSleep is adjusted by turning both the left and right hex screws with the included tool. This will gently adjust the forward position of your jaw to open your airway and stop snoring.

VitalSleep is BPA-free and latex-free, and is proudly manufactured in the USA from all 100% USA sourced FDA approved medical grade materials. It's FDA cleared to treat snoring so you can trust that it's safe and effective.

Custom Fitted To Your Mouth

VitalSleep takes less than 5 minutes to customize. Simply immerse it in hot water for 10 seconds, bite into it for a custom fit and adjust to fit. Please follow the instructions included with your order. Place it in the included protective carrying case when not in use.

VitalSleep is adjusted by turning the left and right screws. This will adjust the forward position of the lower half to help position your jaw to open your airway so you can experience quiet sleep.

VitalSleep requires minimal care. Cleaning is easy with a toothbrush and toothpaste or use denture cleaner. Large openings allows for simple and easy cleaning. Store it in the included durable, protective case. Click here to learn about purchasing the #1 anti-viral mouthpiece cleaner to keep your VitalSleep clean and disinfected.

Unique Design

VitalSleep is easy on the eye and not cumbersome like other products on the market. It is semi-opaque white, which is not visually jarring.

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VitalSleep provides one year of 100% free replacements.

Deep, restorative sleep is essential to your health and well-being. It has been proven to improve memory, creativity, concentration, focus, and physical coordination, as well as alleviate stress and depression. It also aids in maintaining a healthy weight, increasing energy and metabolism, and even extending your life-span.

For information on snoring and sleep apnea visit American Sleep Association.

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