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Anti-Snoring Solution - How VitalSleep Works

Quiet Your Snoring

VitalSleep helps to quiet snoring by holding the lower jaw forward to keep your airway and allowing air to pass freely to your lungs. By helping to maintain a clear airway, you'll experience improved airflow and quiet breathing during sleep and a much better nightís sleep.  

VitalSleep is effective. In fact, it has helped over 100,000 snorers achieve sound, peaceful sleep.It will help you sleep a healthy number of hours each night so you wake up refreshed and re-energized.

Stop tossing, turning, and heading to the couch in the middle of the night so you donít keep your partner awake.

Take the first step in changing your sleep health for the better. Try VitalSleep today and say goodbye to your (or your partnerís) chronic snoring!

The Effects of Snoring

When you sleep, your throat muscles relax and narrow the passageway between your lungs and nose or mouth. As the air travels over the partial obstruction, the soft tissues vibrate and the harsh sounds of snoring occur.

Snoring is a problem that affects 67% of adults. It is estimated that over 120 million people in the United States snore every night. Snoring can cause disrupted sleep for both snorers and their sleeping partners and it can lead to health problems.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Ships the same day. Only $59.95, 2 for $99.95

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Patented Design For Safety And Comfort

VitalSleep is cleared by the FDA to reduce snoring so you can trust it to be safe an effective. It is made of FDA approved medical grade materials. It is also free of unsafe latex and BPA. VitalSleep is proudly manufactured in the USA from 100% USA sourced materials.

VitalSleep is adjustable and moldable to comfortably fit users of any size. Its sliding mechanism allows you to micro-adjust the mouthpiece by turning its left and right screws with an included tool. For a custom fit, you can mold VitalSleep to your mouth by immersing it in hot water, letting it cool and gently biting down on the device. A simple health questionnaire will be given at checkout to make sure VitalSleep is suitable for you.

VitalSleep is not rigid and this allows for side jaw movement for improved comfort and greater effectiveness

Designed to be easy on the eye, VitalSleep has a semi-opaque white color and sleeker design than similar products. A protective travel case is included for easy and save carrying.

Quiet your snoring immediately with VitalSleep at a single affordable price, without any recurring charges and a full year of 100% free replacements. Additionally, VitalSleep comes with a money back guarantee.

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Easy to Use & Comfortable

  • Fully adjustable movement, up to 7mm, by easily adjusting 2 plastic screws. Increasing the forward position of the mouthpiece's lower half will opening your airway and improve your breathing during sleep.
  • Available in 2 sizes, regular size is recommended for men. It measures 1.75" long, 2.26" wide, 1.03" high. Small size is recommended for women and measures 1.61" long, 2.09" wide and .95" high with an approximate 10% size difference.
  • It's FDA cleared, made of safe, medical grade moldable plastic that ensures a correct fit.
  • Features a flexible frame for even more comfort.
  • Allows you to sleep as you normally do, in any position, breathing through your mouth or your nose.
  • Allows for side-to-side jaw movement for reduced stress on your jaw, greater comfort and effectiveness. It even provides protection against teeth grinding.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Ships the same day. Only $59.95, 2 for $99.95

Choose Your Size

Custom Fitted to Your Mouth

VitalSleep takes less than 5 minutes to fit.

Moldable: Immerse VitalSleep in hot water for 10 seconds, let it cool for a few seconds more, insert it into your mouth and gently bite down. Please follow the instructions included with your order.

Adjustable: VitalSleep is adjustable by turning its left and right screws. This adjusts the forward position of the device's lower half to position your jaw for an open airway.

VitalSleep requires minimal care. Large openings allow for easy cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste or denture cleaner. Or try our anti-bacterial mouthpiece cleaner. Store VitalSleep in its included protective travel case.

According to a 2012 study conducted by Harvard Medical School, poor quality sleep causes for an estimated 274,000 workplace accidents and errors each year, totaling a staggering $31 billion in extra costs.

Order today to end your frustration due to loud snoring, to start experiencing the health benefits of better sleep and to help improve your relationships with those you love.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service is prompt, personal, and thorough.
VitalSleep will handle refunds and replacements, without delay.
Ships the same day for quick delivery
VitalSleep includes a 100% money-back guarantee and free replacements
Less S&H

VitalSleep provides you with a money back guarantee and 1 year of 100% free replacements.

Deep, restorative sleep is essential to your health and well being. It improves memory, creativity, concentration, and physical coordination, as well as reduce stress and depression. Quality sleep also helps to maintain a healthy weight, increases energy and even extends a person's life span. device.

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